HERO Advanced Reader

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You need a Hero!  Universal chip reading, bright LED backlight with a rechargeable battery.  Simple, clean and fast. Manufactured and backed by Microchip ID Systems, of course!

Bluetooth® on board allows Hero to work with any paired device. Simply scan a chip and send the number instantly to your computer, tablet or phone.
FCC Tested and Certified for safety.
Perfect size: 7 inches tall.
• Chip number stays in window for 15 minutes! (Yes, we get it.)
Universal Chip Reading
USB-C charging cable supplied

Included:  Durable Test Chip fob, Scanner Wrist Strap, Carry Case and instructions.

Keep the test chip fob away from animals when scanning. Test number is 933007125056789 or 933000000000000. Rescan animal if either number appears on the reader.

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